New Menini & Viani with Nuthin’ Under a Million is ready!


Available exclusively on iTunes, Spotify, Shazam & Rdio May 22nd

In recent years two italian guys have been able to spread their sound around the world with every single release.

Their names are Menini & Viani: well, the duo is finally back in town! M&V are once again in pole position to run the summer grand prix with the Adaptor team.

This new song is called “Fall with me” and it’s been produced along with amazingly talented and well-knowned “Nuthin’ Under a Million”.

The result is a true pop-anthem but also a dancefloor killer due to a massive package which includes remix versions by Matteo Marini and Menini & Viani themselves.

New French artist Armano soon on Adaptor


Available exclusively on Spotify, iTunes & Shazam April 15th 2015
i-Tunes pre-order available starting April 3th 2015

Adaptor is proud to introduce you Armano, a french dj, musician and showman who’s ready to rock the upcoming summer.

Over the past two years, he has without a doubt, made a huge impact on electronic music as we now know it. His brand new track “Kill Me With Love” comes at us from a whole new angle.

Mod Martin’s captivating vocals, accompanied by a jovial, yet powerful message, portrayed by children in the video, connects us to the inner child we all have, still dreaming of having a super-power, no matter how old we get.

Armano’s trademark hard-hitting, emotional dance sound also incorporates his influences from rock music, making this track a definite anthem to be remembered.

New Jack & Joy with Calvin Lynch coming soon

Available exclusively on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play Music & Shazam March 9th
i-Tunes pre-order available starting March 2nd

You need to be truly brave and totally free to release a song like “Club Culture” in today’s dance music business.

Well, Jack & Joy (a.k.a. Max Bondino & Luca Loi) have always been proudly reckless making their own thing and Adaptor is a label that looks at freedom of expression as a way to grow up.

That’s why we’re so glad to introduce you this new project that is much more than a song. It’s a sort of “dancefloor poetry”, it’s a love tribute to the positive side of clubbing which is made of passion, vibes and togetherness where it’s all about the bond between music and human nature.

The extraordinary voice of Calvin Lynch turns Jack & Joy ideas into magic once again through a beautiful pop-downtempo version and two “UK flavour” club mixes.

We Are InDaKlubb!

ad140_banner_blog OK

We Are InDaKlubb” is a song born from the encounter of Andrea Belli (founder and producer of the most important italian house radio show “105 InDaKlubb“) with Jack & Joy (music week club chart toppers and remixers for Pet Shop Boys). Their original idea was to create together a brand new theme for the show but after few days of work it turned into a full magical song featuring the amazing voice of UK singer Calvin Lynch.
We Are InDaKlubb” got vibes, muscles and enough romance to become an airplay hit just as a massive dancefloor anthem of the upcoming summertime.


Jack & Joy 2 Faces

Jack & Joy are about to come back (this late October) with their own new single after an awesome year spent remixing amazing top artists like Petula Clark (the most succesful female singer in british chart history, worldwide known for her classic “Downtown”), the legendary Pet Shop Boys (the single “Vocal” from ‘Electric’ Album) and the house diva Crystal Waters. They also hit a #1 into Tech House Traxsource chart with #AAHM (a club project versus Menini & Viani). What should you expect from this new song?
The answer is simple: Massive Beats and Charming Melodies.


The song is called ‘Be this way‘ and it’s born from the collaboration with one of the best UK talents in the club scene: Calvin Lynch who has written and sung songs for Mousse T, The Shapeshifters, Danism, just to name a few. Jack & Joy and Calvin put together a crossover tune merging passion, romance and beautiful lyrics with their unmistakable club culture style.


Music Week Article

The International Music Summit is now over and it’s been another great conference. We would like to thank the organizers, A&R and producers we met. A big up goes also the Music Week Magazine for its IMS coverage. Here you can read the article about Adaptor Recordings.

See you next year in Ibiza!


ad115_105InDaKlubbChart_27_04_2013After 2 consecutive weeks into Cool Cuts Chart , 3 weeks into DMC Buzz Chart and hitting number 8 into DMC Miami Buzz Chart, the new “Menini & Viani vs Jack & Joy“, Mexican stands tall into 105 InDaKlubb Club Chart on Radio 105!
Special thanks to Andrea Belli & Lello Mascolo for their huge support!

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ad115_MusicWeek_ClubCharts_19_04_2013-SQUAREMenini & Viani vs Jack & JoyMexican‘ after 5 consecutive weeks into Music Week Club Chart hit position #2!

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