Jack & Joy ft Calvin Lynch “Be This Way” rise up into DMC Buzz Chart!

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Jack & Joy ft Calvin Lynch “Be This Way“ 2nd consecutive week and rise up into DMC World Magazine  Buzz Chart and finally available on iTunes.

Jack & Joy ft Calvin Lynch “Be This Way” into DMC BUZZ CHART!

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ad121_1500After being acclaimed as one of the 30 “Monster Tracks” of latest Amsterdam Dance Event, “Be This Way” the new Jack & Joy single featuring Calvin Lynch smashes into Official DMC World Magazine Buzz Chart at #17!


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Jack & Joy ft Calvin Lynch “Be This Way” into DMC ADE BUZZ CHART!

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The new single by Jack & Joy ft Calvin Lynch is one of the Hottest tunes of latest Amsterdam Dance Event. “Be This Way” has been included into DMC WORLD ADE BUZZ CHART: The 30 “Monster Tracks” that are set to be the smash cuts of 2014!

“Be This Way” will be out exclusively on Traxsource on November 5th and it will be available on iTunes, Beatport, Spotify, Deezer and all other digital stores on November 19th.

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Jack & Joy 2 Faces

Jack & Joy are about to come back (this late October) with their own new single after an awesome year spent remixing amazing top artists like Petula Clark (the most succesful female singer in british chart history, worldwide known for her classic “Downtown”), the legendary Pet Shop Boys (the single “Vocal” from ‘Electric’ Album) and the house diva Crystal Waters. They also hit a #1 into Tech House Traxsource chart with #AAHM (a club project versus Menini & Viani). What should you expect from this new song?
The answer is simple: Massive Beats and Charming Melodies.


The song is called ‘Be this way‘ and it’s born from the collaboration with one of the best UK talents in the club scene: Calvin Lynch who has written and sung songs for Mousse T, The Shapeshifters, Danism, just to name a few. Jack & Joy and Calvin put together a crossover tune merging passion, romance and beautiful lyrics with their unmistakable club culture style.