New Jack & Joy with Calvin Lynch coming soon

Available exclusively on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play Music & Shazam March 9th
i-Tunes pre-order available starting March 2nd

You need to be truly brave and totally free to release a song like “Club Culture” in today’s dance music business.

Well, Jack & Joy (a.k.a. Max Bondino & Luca Loi) have always been proudly reckless making their own thing and Adaptor is a label that looks at freedom of expression as a way to grow up.

That’s why we’re so glad to introduce you this new project that is much more than a song. It’s a sort of “dancefloor poetry”, it’s a love tribute to the positive side of clubbing which is made of passion, vibes and togetherness where it’s all about the bond between music and human nature.

The extraordinary voice of Calvin Lynch turns Jack & Joy ideas into magic once again through a beautiful pop-downtempo version and two “UK flavour” club mixes.

Matteo Marini & Mailman “Illuminate” Spotify exclusive


Spotify Exclusive:
Available on iTunes iTunes February 5th
i-Tunes pre-order available starting January 22th

Matteo Marini’s sound has always been so recognizable due to his remarkable melodies and beautiful dance arrangements for so many different amazing artists and singers with different backgrounds.

That’s why you should not be surprised but simply “amazed” listening to this new single where trance-progressive world meets melancholic acoustic-pop.

Matteo meets Mailman (a.k.a. Jamie Stanley) a UK singer and songwriter from Brighton who knows how to make magic happens with his voice and a guitar.

You’ll discover these two emotional worlds in “Illuminate”, a song we’re really proud of.
The essential package includes also a remix by Adam Key.


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Jack & Joy vs Menini & Viani ft Greg Stainer – #AAHM is New Entry into Music Week Club Chart!

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#AAHM, the latest club project by Jack & Joy and Menini & Viani featuring the voice of Greg Stainer hit #35 as new entry into French Buzz Chart.

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#AAHM Smashes into DMC Buzz Chart TOP 10!


The new house banger from Jack & Joy and Menini & Viani featuring the voice of Greg Stainer smashes into DMC Buzz Chart TOP 10 hitting #8!

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#AAHM [All About House Music] Out on Traxsource!

The “Fatal Four” are back!
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