We Are InDaKlubb in A-List su Radio 105

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Il magico trio Andrea Belli, Jack & Joy & Calvin Lynch in alta rotazione su Radio 105 e 105 Miami …We Are InDaKlubb! [disponibile in esclusiva su iTunes]

The magic trio Andrea Belli, Jack & Joy & Calvin Lynch is in A List on Radio 105! [We Are InDaKlubb is available NOW exclusively on iTunes]

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We Are InDaKlubb!

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We Are InDaKlubb” is a song born from the encounter of Andrea Belli (founder and producer of the most important italian house radio show “105 InDaKlubb“) with Jack & Joy (music week club chart toppers and remixers for Pet Shop Boys). Their original idea was to create together a brand new theme for the show but after few days of work it turned into a full magical song featuring the amazing voice of UK singer Calvin Lynch.
We Are InDaKlubb” got vibes, muscles and enough romance to become an airplay hit just as a massive dancefloor anthem of the upcoming summertime.


ad115_105InDaKlubbChart_27_04_2013After 2 consecutive weeks into Cool Cuts Chart , 3 weeks into DMC Buzz Chart and hitting number 8 into DMC Miami Buzz Chart, the new “Menini & Viani vs Jack & Joy“, Mexican stands tall into 105 InDaKlubb Club Chart on Radio 105!
Special thanks to Andrea Belli & Lello Mascolo for their huge support!

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Nick Corline ft NUM “Touch The Stars” PREMIERED ON RADIO 105!

ad112_105InDaKlubb_06_04_2013_TracklistThe new Nick Corline single featuring the amazing Los Angeles Band Nuthin Under a Million will be premiered Saturday April 6th on Radio 105 into Andrea Belli & Lello Mascolo 105 InDaKlubb! Stay Tuned!

Touch The Stars, Including JACK & JOY, MENINI & VIANI, MATTEO MARINI, DANIEL CHORD, ANDY F mixes, will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Beatport, Deezer and all other digital stores April 12nd.
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