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November 23, 2012


Nick Corline “Kiss me (The Remixes)”

  • 1 Kiss Me(Tech House Mix)
  • 2 Kiss Me(Matteo Marini House Experience Mix)
  • 3 Kiss Me(Wamelink Remix)
  • 4 Kiss Me(Andy F Remix)
  • 5 Kiss Me(Splity Milk Remix)

NICK CORLINE "Kiss Me" [The Remixes]
Produced by Nick Corline Contains a sampler from "You Are My Woman (Tell Me So)" performed by The Chi-Lities Courtesy of Unichappel Music Inc Executive producer: The Big Man Restless C 2012 Adaptor Recordings P 2012 Unichappel Music Inc, Paolo Dughero Ed. Musicali