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April 12, 2013


Nick Corline ft Nuthin’ Under a Million “Touch The Stars”

  • 1_Original Radio Edit
  • 2_Original Extended Mix
  • 3_Nick Corline & Andy F Radio Edit
  • 4_Nick Corline & Andy F Mix
  • 5_Matteo Marini Radio Edit
  • 6_Matteo Marini Mix
  • 7_Daniel Chord Radio Edit
  • 8_Daniel Chord Extended Mix
  • 9_Jack & Joy Radio Edit
  • 10_Jack & Joy Remix
  • 11_Menini & Viani Dub Mix

Touch the Stars is the new Nick Corline's single featuring Nuthin' Under a Million. A track born from Nick's instrumental tune Kiss Me. This new song turned into an international crossover pop tune. Nuthin Under A Million (also known as N.U.M.), a Los Angeles based five-some which consists of Tommy (TB), Milana, Tony, Shandra and David (DJ) gave their special touch to this track: catchy melodies and stylish rappin' as we were used to play during the very early days of Hip House phenomenon. Touch the Stars sounds like a radio hit tune at first listen keeping its clubbing soul with some amazing remixes from Adaptor's squad: Jack & Joy, Menini & Viani, Matteo Marini, Daniel Chord and Andy F.