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March 14, 2013


Menini & Viani vs Jack & Joy “Mexican”

  • 1_Festival Mix
  • 2_La Isla Mix
  • 3_Miami Mix
  • 4_Original Mix
  • 5_La Isla Radio Edit
  • 6_Original Radio Edot

It all began with "Ankamassa", that's the key that unlocked a new sound born from Menini & Viani and Jack & Joy styles. The huge worldwide success of it (blessed by Fat Boy Slim and every top dj on global scale since the very beginning) led the Adaptor's guys to join again to rearrange and produce this new release of "Mexican" (a track that has been the main theme of Ushuaia's open party in Ibiza with Norman Cook and "Hot Download Track" into Roger Sanchez 'Release Yourself' Radio Show). The two versions included in this new package embody all the elements which make the "Clubbers" a real tribe. Ethnic melodies and tribal rhythms belonging to every human DNA just like the needing to dance and feel free: Club Culture at its best.The essential package contains two original mixes from Menini & Viani (Festival Mix) and Jack & Joy (La Isla Mix) and also a special Electro Mix by Daniel Chord (Miami Mix).