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October 12, 2012


Menini & Viani Ft Roz Brown “It’s On Tonight [Ankamassa]“

  • 1 It's On Tonight [Ankamassa] (Menini & Viani Vocal Radio Edit)
  • 2 It's On Tonight [Ankamassa] (Menini & Viani Vocal Club Mix)
  • 3 It's On Tonight [Ankamassa] (Jack & Joy Vocal Radio Edit )
  • 4 It's On Tonight [Ankamassa] (Jack & Joy Vocal Remix)
  • 5 It's On Tonight [Ankamassa] (Jack & Joy Dub Remix)
  • 6 It's On Tonight [Ankamassa] (Matteo Marini House Experience Radio Edit)
  • 7 It's On Tonight [Ankamassa] (Matteo Marini House Experience Mix)
  • 8 It's On Tonight [Ankamassa] (Daniel Chord 'Check This Out' Remix)
  • 9 It's On Tonight [Ankamassa] (Nick Corline House Work Radio Edit)
  • 10 It's On Tonight [Ankamassa] (Nick Corline House Work Remix)

MENINI & VIANI ft ROZ BROWN "Its' On Tonight (Ankamassa)" Produced by Gianluca Viani & Michele Menini All vocals written by Inaya Day Vocals performed by Roz Brown (courtesy of Ny-O-Day Music) Additional vocals performed by Inaya Day Executive producer: The Big Man Restless C 2012 Adaptor Recordings P 2012 Paolo Dughero Ed. Musicali / Moove Records S.r.l. / Sony Atv Tunes Llc / Ny-O-Day Music www.adaptorrecordings.co.uk

It's On Tonight is here by Public Demand!. Menini & Viani's Ankamassa has been a real "Summer Banger" with no limits, reaching all the big name shows and sets worldwide. Fatboy Slim, Pete Tong, Andi Durrant, Mark Knight, Stonebridge, Roger Sanchez are just few of those who heavily supported the Jack & Joy Remix of "Ankamassa" that became a Summer Hit of Ibiza's Club Scene being included into most important compilations of the year: Pacha Awards Comp (Spain), Mikonos Vol.13 (Greece), The Best of Ibiza 2012 (France), Hed Kandi World Series USA (U.k & Usa on Hed Kandi) and more over. Now, Ankamassa goes vocal! Featuring the voice of amazingly talented Roz Brown from New York and the songwriting by Inaya Day (behind classics like Mousse T "Horny") "Menini & Viani ft Roz Brown - It's On Tonight" has been one of the most rumored tune of latest ADE Festival in Amsterdam entering immediately into "Most Awaited" DMC Buzz Chart of the conference and week after into the official one straight into top 10 that keeps the cool, modern sound everyone heard on Ankamassa merged with the powerful pop-soul feeling by Roz & Inaya. The Essential Package includes remixes by Jack & Joy, Nick Corline, Matteo Marini and Daniel Chord. Find out more about Menini & Viani here: on.fb.me/UMfu52 on.fb.me/T2RJG6 Find out more about Roz Brown here: on.fb.me/RWNz2x Find out more about Jack & Joy here: www.jackandjoy.net bit.ly/SMYuyK bit.ly/SMBjCk Find out more about Nick Corline here: on.fb.me/QvZJj2 Find out more about Matteo Marini here: www.matteomarini.com dj.beatport.com/matteomarini www.facebook.com/matteoxmarini Find out more about Daniel Chord here: www.danielchord.com